About our Law Office

Our Law Office was founded in 2012. The Law Office’s partners have gained their experience in specialized legal companies as well as in commercial law partnerships, and they successfully apply the knowledge acquired while providing legal consultancy services to secure the interests of our Clients.

We advise mainly we advise on matters related to real estate, including due diligence reports of real estate and companies, conducting the investment process, real estate trading, and commercialization of commercial and service facilities. In our team we gather lawyers who have experience also in the field of corporate and transaction law, environmental law, labor law and capital markets law.

We provide legal support in both, Polish and English.

What matters for us

Creativity and innovative approach to legal problems as well as effective communication with our Clients are the qualities we value most. We approach the expectations of our Clients in a proactive way and treat the problems to be solved with due attention and full engagement

Vocational training

We believe that development and self-discipline are indispensable attributes that are required of both a lawyer and an entrepreneur in the era of today's dynamically evolving legal system. Our Law Office’s lawyers constantly improve their qualifications, which help us to react immediately to any legislative changes and judicial practice.

Cooperation rules

We try to adjust the cooperation conditions to the individual needs of every Client taking under consideration the unique requirements of a given service.



Real Estate

  • legal audits of real estates,
  • purchase and sale of real estates,
  • real estate purchases by foreigners,
  • investment process management,
  • spatial planning and land development advisory services,
  • advisory services in mortgaging and dissolution of mortgages,
  • negotiating the financing of real estate purchase,
  • representation in restitution proceedings,
  • mortgage register services,
  • advisory services in real estate management,
  • preparation of tenancy agreements as well as negotiation of tenancy and lease agreements of office and commercial estates,
  • representation before public administration authorities and administrative courts in issues related with investment processes,
  • representation in proceedings concerning annual perpetual usufruct charges.

Corporate Law

  • establishment of companies and branch offices,
  • legal advisory services in respect of shareholders’ agreements,
  • representation in corporate disputes,
  • legal services for company’s managing bodies,
  • representation of partners and shareholders,
  • corporate services for companies,
  • company transformation process management,
  • conducting liquidation proceedings.

Contractual and Transactional Law

  • legal audits of companies,
  • sale and purchase of company shares,
  • sale and purchase of enterprises,
  • advisory services in the scope of investment funding,
  • preparation and negotiation of agreements related to business activity of companies.

Court Disputes and Arbitration Proceedings

  • representation before common courts in court proceedings as well as administrative court proceedings related to business activity
  • representation before arbitration courts,
  • representation in enforcement proceedings and proceedings to secure claims,
  • advisory services in pre-court phases and mediations,
  • representation in bankruptcy proceedings on behalf of debtors and creditors.

Environmental Protection

  • representation before environmental protection authorities,
  • advisory in environmental resources protection,
  • waste management advisory,
  • advisory in water resources law,
  • advisory in environmental impact assessment proceedings.

Energy Law

  • investment process management in projects of the energy sector,
  • advisory services in the scope of public-private partnership,
  • advisory services in regulatory proceedings before Polish Energy Regulatory Office (in the scope of concessions, tariff application, agreement conclusion and connection settlements),
  • preparation and negotiation of sales, distribution and transfer agreements concerning electrical energy, heat and fuels,
  • advisory services in turnover of rights derived from certificates of origin,
  • advisory services in the scope of energy utility companies and transmission networks management.

Labour Law

  • representation before labour courts -advisory services in employer takeovers,
  • advisory services in group layoffs,
  • establishment of internal labour law acts (work, remuneration and work organization regulations),
  • management of employment contract termination processes,
  • preparation and negotiation of managerial contracts,
  • collective labour dispute management and negotiations with trade unions.

Transport-Freight Forwarding-Logistics

  • management of freight forwarding processes,
  • advisory services in the scope of public transport,
  • representation in disputes concerning transportation law, including the CMR modus,
  • representation of TSL companies before insurers,
  • preparation and negotiation of transport and storage agreements.


  • advisory services in the scope of tax consequences of investments,
  • optimization of transactions concerning taxation,
  • preparation of beneficial capital structures in the scope of taxation,
  • current services for companies in the scope of taxation,
  • representation in proceedings before tax authorities.

Public Procurement Law
For the Contractors:

  • professional support at every stage of the public procurement order proceedings
  • development the strategy depending on the type of proceedings and the Contractor configuration of entities (preparation of the Contractors cooperation agreements, including consortium agreements)
  • analysis of the documentation provided by the Ordering Party (announcement, Terms of Reference, contracts) in terms of conformity with the law and the occurrence of potential legal risks to the Contractor
  • drafting letters to the Purchaser, queries and requests
  • assistance in the preparation of tenders or requests to participate in public procurement proceedings – in terms of conformity with the requirements of the Ordering Party and public procurement law
  • preparation of statements of the Contractor and other documents submitted by the Contractor in the proceedings;
  • issuing opinions of documents indicating satisfying the required conditions specified by the Ordering Party
  • examination the documents submitted by the competitors in respect to their correctness
  • preparation of appeals and accessions, representation before the National Board of Appeal
  • drawing complaints to the common courts of law and representation before courts
  • supervision over the process of applying for the order, taking proper care of preservation the deadlines for legal actions
  • participation in negotiations with the Ordering Party
  • supervision and legal advice at the stage of fulfilment of the order, preparation and negotiation of contracts with subcontractors
  • ongoing consultancy in other public procurement law matters

For Ordering Party:

  • assistance in selecting the appropriate mode for awarding public procurement contract, evaluation of possible solutions in term of comformity with public procurement law
  • analyzing and preparing documentations in proceeding (announcement, Terms of Reference, the draft agreement)
  • issuing opinions concerning the application of the Act
  • drawing up rules, tempaltes, forms, statements, procurement plans
  • preparation of correspondence with Contractors (replies to letters, queries and requests)
  • participation in the tender committee, support the committee’s work
  • carrying out all the proceedings as the representative of the Ordering Party
  • preparation of responses to the appeal
  • representation before the National Board of Appeal and common courts of law
  • formal and legal verification of tenders submitted by Contractors
  • legal support at the order processing stage (in particular in the performance of contracts concluded as the result of awarding of the contract)

Our team

Robert Gowin – partner of the Legal Office, graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at Warsaw University, a member of the Regional Bar Association in Warsaw from 2012. To date, he gained experience in comprehensive servicing of commercial real estate purchases, servicing the investment process, providing legal assistance to energy sector companies. His legal services cover issues ranging from investment and construction procedures, through transactions involving the sale of a company’s shares or assets and negotiating agreements between future shareholders, providing advice in connection with conducting infrastructure investments, to representing clients before courts and administrative authorities as well as providing comprehensive legal services in matters related to companies and contracts, full corporate services for company including.

In addition, our team includes attorneys at law, legal advisers and trainees. The lawyers of the Law Office find their way in providing services to enterprises - both in conducting ongoing legal services for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as in the implementation of complex solutions for significant corporations on the market.

The Law Office is open to new cooperation opportunities, both with experienced lawyers whose area of activity is consistent with the practice of our Office, as well as with young law adepts who want to improve their professional qualifications. In cooperation, we value the knowledge of law, creativity, analytical and unconventional thinking, the ability to work independently, as well as in a team, and fluent English.


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